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HVAC Cross Reference OEM parts

Sometimes HVAC equipment manufacturers form an agreement with the part's manufacturer where the parts cannot be sold by anyone other than the equipment manufacturer. For example, Trane has Honeywell make many of their control boards. You are not able to buy this part from anybody who sells Honeywell parts, you have to buy it from Trane, using their part number. These are called original equipment manufacturers.

There isn't always an exclusive agreement and you may find the part listed under the name of the company that makes it.

It is common that the part number in your furnace or air conditioner is no longer valid. Parts are frequently replaced with newer parts under a new number.

We cannot always cross reference or replace the old parts with the new, but work hard to provide this information.

The best way to find a replacement is to put the part number in the upper-right corner of the search box and press enter. Often, removing blanks and/or dashes helps.

For example, if you enter V8200M7003 in the search box and press enter, you will get links to two parts, one Reznor and one Honeywell part.


Click on the link and you scroll down on the page and you will see a green box that contains the part numbers that are being replaced.  

manufacturer part number(s)
Reznor 208920
Honeywell V8200M7003 VR8200M 7003

If you search and do not get any results, either there are no replacements or we have not yet found a replacement part. If you have any questions feel free to call us. Please have the part number and serial and model number of the unit on hand.

Questions? Call 800-705-8838 between 8:00AM to 6:00PM EST Mon to Fri, and from 8:00AM to 3PM Sat.