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SV9501M 2528 24V gas SmartValve

SV9501M 2528 24V gas SmartValve
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Honeywell SV9501M 2528 24V gas SmartValve; replaces SV9500M 2603, 2629, 2637, 2645, 2652, 2674, 2682, 2686, 2690, 2736M, 2835, 3601, 3619, 3635, 6604, SV9501M 2031, 2056, 2700, 2718, 2726, 2734, 2742, 2528; includes LP conversion kit SKU: 67-394



Weight: 2 lbs

This SV9501M 2528 24V gas SmartValve can be substituted for these OEM part numbers:
manufacturerpart number(s)
SV9501M 2528

SV9500M 2603 SV9500M2603
SV9500M 2629 SV9500M2629
SV9500M 2637 SV9500M2637
SV9500M 2645 SV9500M2645
SV9500M 2652 SV9500M2652
SV9500M 2674 SV9500M2674
SV9500M 2682 SV9500M2682
SV9500M 2686 SV9500M2686
SV9500M 2690 SV9500M2690
SV9500M 2736M SV9500M2736M
SV9500M 2835 SV9500M2835
SV9500M 3601 SV9500M3601
SV9500M 3619 SV9500M3619
SV9500M 3635 SV9500M3635
SV9500M 6604 SV9500M6604
SV9501M 2031 SV9501M2031
SV9501M 2056 SV9501M2056
SV9501M 2700 SV9501M2700
SV9501M 2718 SV9501M2718
SV9501M 2726 SV9501M2726
SV9501M 2734 SV9501M2734
SV9501M 2742 SV9501M2742


SV9501M 2528 24V gas SmartValve
Average rating:
4 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

SV9501M 2528 24V gas SmartValve
Home Owner04/01/2014
By Daniel Higgins
While shopping for a new gas valve for my furnace I ran across this site. They had the exact gas valve I needed for $75.00 less than everyone else. the website and sale were very easy to use. The valve arrived in less than the allotted time and was soon installed and is working perfectly! No complaints here.
SV9501M 2528 24V gas SmartValve
By stephen locker
Guys, Thanks for the quick turnaround. Order was received next day, part was in good condition , complete with all the instructions and ancillary parts. Now I have heat! I will definitely use Keith Specialty again. Steve
SV9501M 2528 24V gas SmartValve
Gas Vavle Purchasr04/21/2014
By Ron
I got exactly what was shown in the add. Very happy with the price and speedy delivery. I would buy from them again!
SV9501M 2528 24V gas SmartValve
Smart valve10/25/2014
By keith rogers
Great service and product! Super fast shipping!! It only took 3 days from order to arrive.