Below are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) by our customers

  1. What does WOG and/or WSP mean? They are stamped on water valves. WOG stands for Water, Oil or Gas, which means the valve can be used for those applications. WSP means Working Steam Pressure.
  2. What does WTF mean? Water Testing Facility?
  3. Can the Pentek and Coyote pump protector work on centrifical pumps? For the Pentek, the answer is ‘yes’.  It is in the documentation that comes in the box. The Pentek and Coyote works on both Franklin and Pentek motors. The Pumptec works on Franklin motors only.
  4. Did we ever carry or sell Cadet wall heaters? – No
  5. “Yea, I need a price on a 275 Gallon fuel tank”. — Search for or click on our item:  66-960 to get the current price.
  6. What is SIDR or SDR mean? It is the Standard Inside Dimension Ratio (pipe and tubing specification). It is the OD divided by the wall thickness.
  7. Do we carry a 6″ damper that goes in a coal stove pipe (barometric damper)? Yes, it is our item # 71-276 (click for current price)
  8. What is the repair kit for a Honeywell Zone valve V8043F1101? – See Item number 67-8GS – interesting enough the conversion part 67-028 also works and is less money, even though it has more parts.
  9. Do Y’all purchase comic books? NO! – (funniest call for the month – June 2011)
  10. What does NSF mean? Answer-> National Sanitation Foundation – an organization that defines safety standards for water pipe and other products.
    From their website: ” NSF International was founded from the University of Michigan’s School of Public Health as the National Sanitation Foundation to standardize sanitation and food safety requirements 66 years ago…” 
  11. Follow up the above question, what does nsf dwv or nsf pw mean?  
    Answer->  – Read this document
  12. Can the Coyote pump protector work in a country that has 220/230 volt system, 50 Hz?  According to Coyote the answer is: 
      The timer will run a little slower.  Other than that it should be fine.
  13. What does MERV mean in the filter world? – MERV= Mininum Efficiency Report Value  (click to get more information)
  14. What does ID & OD stand for?
      Answer-> inside diameter & outside diameter.
  15. What does MIP, MIPT & FIP, FIPT mean? 
    Answer-> Male Iron Pipe (thread) & Female Iron Pipe (thread).
  16. What’s the difference between CTS & IPS? 
    Answer-> Copper Tube size & Iron Pipe Size.
  17. What Does PVC stand for?
     Answer-> Poly Vinyl Chloride. Which happens to be IPS, while CPVC- Chlorinated Poly Vinyl Chloride is CTS. 
  18. What does AWG mean? 
    Answer-> American Wire Gauge.
  19. What does IG stand for? 
    Answer-> Well most times it stands for I Guess in (texting). However it can also stand for In Game (for you online gaming buffs), or Inspector General, or Ignore.
  20. What Does NM mean? 
    Answer-> Non-Metallic.
  21. What is the difference between GFI & GFCI? Answer-> GFI is Ground Fault Interrupter in electrical terms while in texting it stands for Go For It. GFCI is Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter.
  22. What does AFCI mean? 
    Answer-> arc-fault circuit interrupter
  23. What is GPM & GPH ? 
    Answer->GPM stands for Gallons per Minute (Typically pumps are rated by GPM) While GPH stands for Gallons per Hour (typically oil nozzles are rated by GPH, then degree of angle and spray pattern)