Hot Water Tank Maintenance

Hot Water Tank Maintenance

Save money on energy bills and extend the life of your hot water tank with these tips and tricks!  The first thing you can do to save on energy bills is to insulate your hot water tank. Insulation is easy to add and increases the thermal capacity of the tank, preventing heat loss. Fully emptying…

Furnace Filter Maintenance

Keep your furnace filter in mind this spring as you start the new season! Shane, an HVAC professional, sits down with Keith Specialty to share how homeowners can cut down on costly emergency call-outs and keep their furnace running better, longer.  Proper furnace filter maintenance (and how it can save you money) As an HVAC…

Your Small, Hometown-Attitude Store

Keith Specialty Store is a small, family-owned company. We believe in product value and great personal service for both our walk-in customers and our continent-wide internet customers as well. Our motto is “Your small home-town attitude store” and it is more than a motto. It is the way we do business every day with both our local customers and our customers around the world.

Home Humidity

What is Home Humidity?

Home Humidity Winter is setting in across the country and many homeowners are experiencing the effects of this change upon their home humidity. Pros know the importance of regulating indoor humidity, especially during months when furnaces are working overtime. Too little moisture in the air and skin dries out, paint cracks and static electricity discharges….

Quality service over money

That’s the Keith Specialty Store difference This past Saturday, I came into work shortly before closing time.  Jim, one of our guys, said “Business was pretty good today, but I talked one guy out of buying a pump and another guy from buying a furnace motor.” This would be about $500 in sales. Maybe in…

Hot Water

The other day, my son asked about swapping out his current hot water system to an electric hot water tank. He currently has what is called an indirect hot water heater that uses a zone off his oil fired boiler to make hot water. (See diagram) There were a number of reasons why he considered…