Benefits of Installing a Rusco Sediment Filter

If your home or farm depends on a well system for water, then you have probably invested a good amount of money in your overall water filtration and purification. The best way to curb the degradation of this expensive equipment is to catch large particles before they even hit the system. 

Installing a sediment filter right before the raw water enters the main filtration will improve the life of your overall water filtration as well as improve the quality of the water. It is easy to do and takes less time than you might think. 

“To be precise, every solid particle present in water that sooner or later settles in the nethermost is sediment. It is found in many various structures. Commonly, it is a very natural substance which moves very easily with the help of other mediators. Among these mediators, water is the most common one. Although any solid particle is sediment, the most common that are found in water are rust, sand, clay, dirt, and varieties of organic material.

As the source of it varies, the negative effect of it varies as well. Whatever the source is, it is evenly harmful to all of your appliances that require water to operate. To be specific, the life span water relying appliances reduce due to the presence of sediment. Moreover, if the level of sediment is high, the look and taste of your water might change.” (

Why Choose a Rusco Sediment Filter?

“Undoubtedly, [Rusco] provides the number one sediment filtration solution in the market. These filters serve various purposes. Such as; filtration of well water, livestock feeding systems, even liquid cooling systems. In addition, the sediment trappers give the same facility along with the additional internal capacity to grasp a surprisingly high sediment level.” (

The Rusco filter is reasonably-priced, flushable and reusable. It is highly efficient at removing sediment from your well water and is easy to maintain. The Rusco sediment filter protects other controls like water softener and iron removal from damaging particles like sand.

Hot Tips for Installing Your Sediment Filter

“A whole-house sediment filter should be standard water treatment equipment in every house whether on a public water supply or a private well. A sediment filter should be the first device on the water supply line after the water meter on public water supplies or right after the pressure tank on private water systems.” (

Here are some hot tips for making the job easier!

Rusco sediment filter installation
  1. Make sure you turn off power to any nearby electric elements before starting plumbing work.
  2. Be intentional about where you set up your new sediment filter – make sure you will easily be able to backflush the system when it’s time for cleaning.
  3. Pay attention to the kind of pipe you are using to connect the sediment filter to the water softener and ensure that it can handle the temperature of the water that will be flowing through.
  4. If sunlight can reach the filter at any part of the day, look into a sun guard to prevent algae growth within the filter.
  5. Understand that installing the filter in PVC and installing it in copper piping will require different methods.
  6. Set up a regular schedule for cleaning the sediment out of the filter.

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