Please be advised that our shopping cart estimates some products. These are mostly large items that require either freight delivery or can not be sized correctly shipping via UPS.  We try to set estimates to be close to what actual shipping costs are, but there are times where we just have to guess.

When we get the order with estimated shipping on it, we determine the exact shipping charges and if it is under the estimate, we will ship it and adjust shipping charges to match the actual cost. We will refund the difference between what the shopping cart authorized and the actual cost.

If the actual shipping charges are more than the estimate, we contact you (via email and/or phone) to get your approval before we ship. If you paid with a credit card, we also have to get your credit card information, for our staff does not have access to your credit card information. We do this for security reasons.

The problem occurs when we can’t reach you or you provided invalid contact information.  In this case we are stuck between a rock and shipping truck.  If the order appears to be time sensitive, we feel badly that we have to hold up the order to  resolve the additional shipping costs.  You can help by providing correct contact information, making sure you listen to our voice messages and make sure our emails do not end up in your spam trap.

We continually work to improve our shopping cart in order to avoid this dilemma,  but until we resolve it, be advised your order may be delayed.