Oil Nozzle Care and Tips

Oil nozzle wrench next to electrods

Delavan Oil Nozzle Changing wrench

Oil nozzles are designed to do an accurate job of atomizing and metering fuel oil in the spray pattern of your burner. Keep nozzles in their original containers. Handle the nozzle by the hex flats and avoid touching the strainer. Use clean tools.

Using oil nozzle wrench to remove oil nozzle

Using the oil nozzle wrench

We recommend using a Delavan nozzle changer wrench to protect the porcelain electrodes.

Using box end wrenches to remove oil nozzle

using box end wrenches

If you do not have a nozzle changer wrench, you may also use two box-end wrenches.

Nozzles and oil filters should be changed at least annually for optimum service and efficiency. Add a good fuel oil treatment (our item number 47-330) to your oil tanks every year to keep filters and nozzles free from sludge and water.

We do not recommend trying to clean and reuse nozzles.  It is better to keep a spare on hand during the heating season.

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