It took 40 tries for Norm Larsen to perfect his water displacement formulas — and now you can put his hard work to good use making your life easier! We all know WD-40 for its lubricating capabilities. But did you know that this can of magic can do so much more around your house?  Discover uses you’ve never heard of as well as red flags for where to boldly not go with WD-40.

Also check out the video above where Handyman Shane demonstrates the hefty power of this surprisingly handy spray.

WD-40, the Magic Cleaning Solution

When you are out of bolts to loosen, put that can of WD-40 to work cleaning your house! Spray, let soak and wipe to clean the following common household messes. Be sure to spot-test in an inconspicuous place first!

  • Hard water stains on sinks, tubs and toilets
  • Crayon and marker on walls
  • Carpet stains
  • Chewing gum in fabric (or hair!)
  • Paint smudges on cars
  • Scuff marks on floors
  • Oil and grease spots (even on grills)
  • Hair dye stains
  • Grime on plastic furniture
  • Wax on candleholders
  • Tape and sticker residue
  • Bugs stuck to car bumpers
  • Mix with steel wool to remove light surface rust
  • Dusty artificial plants
  • Clogged lawn mower blades

Comprehensive List Ways WD-40 Can Make Your Life Easier

Here’s where it gets really interesting: WD-40 isn’t just amazing at cleaning. Read on to find out more uses … you may be surprised! 

  • Soften leather – use on baseball gloves, tool belts and more
  • Use as a cutting liquid when drilling and sawing metal
  • Untangle jewelry
  • Unstick zippers
  • Prevent snow and ice buildup on metal, plastic, and glass
  • Deter insects
  • Lube a shovel … and prevent splinters on the handle!
  • Spray the top of your bird feeder; keeps squirrels from eating the seed
  • Waterproof your shoes (temporarily)
  • Keep crawlies out by spraying window sills
  • Remove tight rings from fingers
  • Lubricate guitar strings
  • Prevent wasps from building nests
  • Remove old wax from skis and snowboards

Did we leave off your favorite use for WD-40 in our comprehensive list? Let us know in the comments!

Danger Zone

The WD-40 official site lists a number of safe-use plastics and metals, but there are limits to its magic. Here’s the general-advice “don’t use WD-40 on ..” list:

  • Anything that needs an actual lubricant. WD-40 is a water displacer and acts as a lubricant because it breaks down what seizes components together. However, some projects need a little more. Which brings me to …
  • Bike chains or door hinges. Alternatively to WD-40, you could use chain lubricant for your bikes and dry lube or graphite on your door hinges.
  • High heat. Also, don’t set it on fire.
  • Electronics. Computers and devices are made of a variety of materials that could suffer damage from WD-40.

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