Using Ventless Heaters

Ventless Heaters Whether you are dealing with power outages or needing to supplement your primary heat source, ventless or unvented heaters are an excellent solution to keeping your home and workspaces warm. By definition, ventless heaters do not need to vent air outside of the house, but instead recycle the air throughout the room, making…

Water Faucet Maintenance

Water Faucet Maintenance

As part of our continuing series on how accessible regular home maintenance can be, we want to talk next about regular water faucet maintenance. Many faucets use aerators which also act as filters for the water flowing through. The aerator conserves water usage and prevents splashing. It helps stabilize the stream of water so if…

Home Humidity

What is Home Humidity?

Home Humidity Winter is setting in across the country and many homeowners are experiencing the effects of this change upon their home humidity. Pros know the importance of regulating indoor humidity, especially during months when furnaces are working overtime. Too little moisture in the air and skin dries out, paint cracks and static electricity discharges….