Ventless Heaters

Ventless Heaters

Whether you are dealing with power outages or needing to supplement your primary heat source, ventless or unvented heaters are an excellent solution to keeping your home and workspaces warm. By definition, ventless heaters do not need to vent air outside of the house, but instead recycle the air throughout the room, making them highly efficient (some claim up to 99% efficiency). They come in a variety of sizes and heat output. Check out the full selection of ventless heaters supplied by Keith Specialty Store.


  • A small footprint makes it easy to incorporate ventless heaters in basements, garages and other spaces where space may be precious.
  • The basic installation of the heater itself is fairly easy and accessible – check out the video above for full instructions.
  • Ventless heaters are cost-efficient, using much less fuel to operate than conventional furnaces. They also do not require electricity and are easy to maintain.
  • They run silently, although adding a fan helps circulate the heat evenly throughout the room.
  • Ventless heaters are easy to turn on and off, with multiple heating settings, allowing you to quickly warm your space.


  • Make sure to match the type of ventless heater to the natural gas provided to your home – for instance, you’ll need a propane-run heater for a propane-provided house.
  • While the heater installation is not difficult, setting up the gas line to the heater may best be left to a professional.
  • Consider the room size, air transfer and heat already provided to the room by other appliances before choosing a ventless heater. There is a risk of carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide contamination if there is not sufficient space or air flow and an abundance of other factors in place. 
  • Especially during winter, if your home is tightly sealed you may want to consider a fresh air source for your installation room. 
  • Ventless heaters will raise the humidity of the space. For this reason, they are not recommended as the primary heat source for a household. Be sure to check for buildup of mold or mildew.
  • Be sure to regularly clean your ventless heater to prevent black carbon buildup and unpleasant odor.
  • Read all manufacturer’s instructions carefully. 
  • These heaters pump out a good amount of heat so be aware of surrounding furniture or other appliances and be sure to keep out of the way of young children and curious pets.

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