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HVAC - Duct & Vent - Stove pipe

galvanize-pipe.jpgFurnace Stove Pipe and Fittings

This page has galvanized  pipe and fittings for your heating or air distrubution system.

Smaller gauge number means thicker (heavier, stronger) material


Black Stove Pipe

Black stove pipe is 24 gauge and used where pipe is exposed in living areas as it has a more attractive appearance than galvanized metal.

Black Stove Pipe ell

Black stove pipe 90 degree ells are 24 gauge and used with Black stove pipe. Neither end is crimpped but can be crimped with a crimping tool.

Balck Stove Pipe Reducer

The black stove pipe reducers are 24 gauge and used with black stove pipe. Neither end comes crimped, but can be done with a crimping tool.

Stove Pipe - 24 gauge

Stove Pipe - 24 gauge - 90 ell

Stove Pipe - 30 gauge

Stove Pipe - 30 Guage - 90 ell

A-collars [starting collars]

6" galv. 90 adjustable top take-off 6" galvanized 90 degree adjustable top take-off SKU: 52-226


Vent - Drawbands

SKU: 52-24x

Vent End Caps

Chimmey Caps

Galvanized Tees

Reducing Couplings (no crimp)

Draft Dampers This is a galvanized damper

Cast Iron Dampers