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We list over 1300 Honeywell parts we stock or can have drop shipped within one day.  Searching for the Honeywell part number is the fastest way to locate your part.  There are a number of ways to search for your part:

  • Using the search box at the top of this page, enter your Honeywell part number (removing spaces helps)
  • Search our product pages by clicking on the link that matches your part number prefix.
  • Contact us.  Self-service is great.  But when you need assistance or advice on a replacement part, contact the knowledgeable tradesmen at Keith Specialty Store.  Our telephone numbers and business hours are at the top of every page in our catalog.  You can also use our Contact_Us page.

    Note:  Many older Honeywell parts are obsoleted and replaced with new parts and some are made exclusively for manufacturers of the equipment they are used on.  If you cannot find your part or a new replacement, please obtain the manufacturer's name, model and serial number of the unit the part goes into before calling us.