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Trane Parts - Catalog

Trane Parts - Catalog

(American Standard is the same as Trane)

We list Trane parts we either stock or can have shipped to you right away.

Trane part numbers have the format of CCCnnnnn, where CCC is a three character prefix denoting the type of part: i.e. CNT = Control board, MOT = Motor and so on.

The prefix is followed by five numbers.  If your part has only four numbers on it, add a zero to the beginning of the four numbers.  For example, if your part shows a 'CNT 3797', add a '0' to the beginning of the '3797' and remove the blank between the prefix and the number and you get 'CNT03797'.

Searching by your part number in the upper-right corner of the page is the fastest way to locate your part.

For part number with prefixes: ADP, BKR, BNR, BRD, BRG, CHG,  COL, COM, CPL, CTR, DHY, ELC, ELM, FAN, FUS, HLD, HTR, IGN, KIT, LAT, MOD, ORF, PAN, RCK, RES, RLY, RSR, SHE, SLG, THT, TRP, TRR, TUB, WHL, WIR, click on the Trane logo (more parts) below.

For parts with the prefixes: BLW, CNT, CPT, MOT, SEN, SWT, and VAL, click on the corresponding links below.

If your part is not listed here, it either may be obsolete and replaced with a new part number or may be in stock at the factory. Call us with your model and serial number of the equipment the part goes into and we may be able to help you locate the part.