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Shipping to Canada

For our Canadian customers only, for those items than we can, we offer shipping by UPS and US postal.  If an item is too large or heavy to ship UPS or US postal, we cannot ship to Canada.

Once you select Canada as the country and enter your postal code in the shopping cart, you will be presented with both the cost of shipping via UPS and by US postal. 

Be advise, selecting the lowest cost shipping is not always a good idea.  Broker fees need to be considered in your shipping selection.

For US postal, we offer only two options: Priority Mail Express (normally 1 - 3 business days) and Priority mail International (normally 5 business days). Please note, our mail pickup cutoff may be as early as noon, Eastern time.  Normally, for both the US International mail options, the postal system handles the broker of the package into the country and does not charge a broker fee upon delivery. 

For UPS delivery, we offer Standard, Worldwide Expedited and Worldwide Saver.  UPS will broker the package into the country and hence charges a broker fee.   See chart below to see how the fee is handled:

UPS Standard Broker fee will be collected upon delivery
UPS Worldwide Expedited® Broker fee is included in shipping price
UPS Worldwide Saver® Broker fee is included in shipping price

Some of our Canadian customers select UPS Standard shipping since it is often the lowest cost and end up paying more once they pay broker fees.

Generally, the lowest cost for Canadian customers is to ship via US Priority Mail International.