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Water Pressure Tanks

Well-x-trol and Flex-Lite Pressure Tanks.

Here you will find water pressure tanks, cold water storage tanks, tank tees, brackets, pump protectors and other accessories.



For more helpful information on Pressure Tanks please see our blog, or visit our You Tube video page.  Go to the bottom of this page for common tank specs.

Amtrol Well-x-trol (WX-) tanks are warranted for seven years and Flexcon Industries Flex-Lite (FL-) tanks are warranted for five years against leaking or loss of air.

We have sold Well-x-trol tanks since 1976 and we highly recommend them.
Well-x-trol tanks have a threaded stainless steel connection.  Flex-Lite tanks have a threaded rigid PVC connection.


  • 34-201.jpg
    WX-102 Well-x-trol pressure tank$88.00
    sku: 34-201
  • WX-103 Well-x-trol pressure tank$143.00
    sku: 34-202
  • WX-200 PS Well-x-trol pressure tank$304.00
    sku: 34-204
  • WX-202 UG Well-x-trol pressure tank$329.00
    sku: 34-205
    for under ground use
  • WX-201 Well-x-trol pressure tank$203.00
    sku: 34-208
  • wx-202.jpg
    WX-202 Well-x-trol pressure tank
    WX-202 Well-x-trol pressure tank
    Average rating:
    sku: 34-210
  • 34-212.jpg
    WX-202XL Well-x-trol pressure tank
    WX-202XL Well-x-trol pressure tank
    Average rating:
    sku: 34-212
  • WX-203 Well-x-trol pressure tank$339.00
    sku: 34-215
  • WX-250 Well-x-trol pressure tank$455.00
    sku: 34-220
  • Flex-Lite-FL7-tank.JPG
    FL-7 fiberglass pressure tank 22gaL
    FL-7 fiberglass pressure tank 22gaL
    Average rating:
    sku: 34-267
  • 34-269.jpg
    FL-12 fiberglass pressure tank 35 gallon$275.00$254.00
    sku: 34-269
    FL-12 Flex-Lite fiberglass pressure tank, 35 gallon, 16.5" diameter x 48.9" high, 1" pvc male threaded connection
  • 42 gallon galvanized water tank$206.50
    sku: 34-315
    16" diameter x 48" high
  • 42 gallon galvanized squat water tank$218.25
    sku: 34-320
    42 gallon galvanized squat water tank 20" diameter x 32" high
  • 82 gallon galvanized water tank$320.00
    sku: 34-325
    23" diameter x 63" high
  • 36-000.jpg
    20-40 pressure switch, lead free$20.17
    sku: 36-000
    Square D 9013FSG2 J20
  • 36-001.jpg
    30-50 pressure switch, lead free$20.17
    sku: 36-001
    Square D 9013FSG2 J21
  • 36-002.jpg
    40-60 pressure switch
    40-60 pressure switch
    Average rating:
    sku: 36-002
  • 36-004.jpg
    20-40 low cut off pressure switch, lead free$26.90
    sku: 36-004
    Square D 9013FSG2 J20 M4
  • 36-005.jpg
    30-50 low cut off pressure switch, lead free$26.90
    sku: 36-005
    Square D 9013FSG2 J21 M4
  • 36-006.jpg
    40-60 low cut off pressure switch, lead free$26.90
    sku: 36-006
    Square D 9013FSG2 J24 M4
  • 36-040.jpg
    100 lb 1/4" pressure gauge$3.69
    sku: 36-040
    low mount, 2" dial
  • 36-380.jpg
    1/2 adjustable relief valve, 50-175psi, lead free$10.99
    sku: 36-380
    Legend PRV50A 1/2" adjustable pressure relief valve, range 50-175 psi, can be used on hot or cold water lines, lead free
  • 36-400.jpg
    1 brass tank tee for WX202 & WX203, lead free$25.33
    sku: 36-400
    1 brass tank tee for Well-x-trol #201, 202 or 203 tanks, two 1/2" end ports, lead free
  • 36-401.jpg
    1 1/4 brass tank tee for WX250, lead free$41.99
    sku: 36-401
    1 1/4 brass tank tee for Well-x-trol WX250 with two 1/4 taps and two 3/4 taps, lead free
  • 36-403.jpg
    1 brass tank tee with union, two end port, lead free
    1 brass tank tee with union, two end port, lead free
    Average rating:
    sku: 36-403
  • 36-404.jpg
    brass tank tee, Flex-Lite, WellMate, lead free$26.48
    sku: 36-404
    Brass tank tee for Flex-Lite FL-5, FL-7, FL-12 and WellMate WM-6, WM-9 pressure tanks, tee has two 1/4 ports for a gauge and pressure switch and two 1/2 ports for a drain valve and relief valve. The through ends of this tee has 1" OD threads and 3/4" ID threads, the branch end has 1 1/4 OD threads and 1" ID threads. This brass fitting is lead free
  • 36-497.jpg
    Pentek SPP 233-1.5 pump protector$176.00
    sku: 36-497
    for 1/3 to 1 1/2 hp pumps, 230V, single phase, manual restart delay times 2 to 255 minutes
  • Coyote pump protector, 230v$245.00
    sku: 36-502
    for all 1/3 to 2 hp pumps, 5 minute to 5 hour timer, model 1PH230V, single phase, adjustable sensitivity
  • 36-800.jpg
    vacuum breaker, 3/4FHT x 3/4MHT, lead free$4.78
    sku: 36-800
    vacuum breaker, 3/4 female hose thread x 3/4 male hose thread, brass construction, vandal-proof, rated for 125psi and 180F use, ASSE 1011, lead free
  Click on the image below to open new window with a PDF file showing the chart of various tank sizes:


                   Gal. - U.S. gallons volumetric capacity

                   GPM- Gallons per minute - flow capacity

                   PSI - Pounds per square inch