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Latest Customer Review: July 29, 2020: (Armstrong 12W64 ignition control) I was looking for a replacement board for the furnace at my mother-in-law’s house. Brand of furnace I’d never heard of, (I’m not in the HVAC business), not finding much help online, but got to this site. I used the contact option, explained my furnace as best as I could and inquired if this was the board I needed. I didn’t want to order blindly and not be able to return an electronic component. (A very reasonable and expected policy) I was assured that this would be the correct board. Shipping was reasonable and the board works flawlessly. The service I got was excellent. Bert

Home Water System parts

Pump and Well Index

                                    Pump & Well Index
We carry products to get water from the source outside to its destination.  The source can be a well, spring, cistern, holding tank or city water. The destination can be your home, heating system,  barn or garden.  We also have parts that deliver waste water back to nature.

We carry  HDPE plastic pipe, submersible pumps, pressure tanks or other well supplies.

We also sell jet pumps, filters, conditioning systems and hot water tanks. To help deliver waste water back safely back to nature, we sell septic supplies and tanks. 

To narrow your search, you can always use the search box above in the right corner of the page or click on the links below.

Also, we are always happy to help you find what you want if you contact us at the numbers above during business hours or via the contact us link at any time.

Tip: Always check with your local codes, municipality and regulations before purchasing materials to hook up your water system.