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Meet Our Staff

Jason Griffith - President

Jason started in the HVAC/PLUMBING industry in 1994, and has made a career of it since. He is trained in advanced troubleshooting. He enjoys spending time with his family at camp.



Mike started working at Keith Specialty when he was in high school.  He is a HVAC technician, customer service representative and head of contracting sales.  Mike has over 40 years of experience.  Outside work, he enjoys biking and spending time with his family.    



Jim installed plumbing, heating and electrical equipment for 5 years, He also worked 2 years in sales for Trumbull Industries, before joining the Keith Specialty Store staff in 1988.  Jim is a HVAC technician and customer service representative.  Outside work, he has coached, presided over borough council, presided over trustees, he also enjoys sports and hunting.



Diane is head of internet sales and shipping and is also a customer service representative.  She has been a staff member for 14 years.  She enjoys running.


Joe is a customer service representative. He is a retired Navy Veteran. Outside of work he enjoys fishing and spending time with his family.


Dave was originally from Altoona, PA and moved to Indiana, PA in 1984.  He worked in the construction trade since 1974 in roofing and insulation.  He came to Keith Specialty in 2016, after retiring from the insulation business.  At Keith Specialty, Dave is a customer service representative.  Outside work, he enjoys music and singing in the church choir.