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Emails we have received:

(Note, we removed the customer's last name and masked the email address to protect their identity.)

Oct 2, 2015 - Louis from MI wrote:

The only place I found in the country that was knowledgeable [spelling corrected by webmaster] enough to tell what I needed and when I would get it.
Great team there!

Feb 10, 2015, Romano in GA wrote:

Over the years I have used Keith Specialty for HVAC parts.  I have always been able to find the correct or equivalent replacement parts.  I have never had to return any parts.  Their prices are always the best.  As a DIY person I am always able to save lots of cash. 

Feb 6, 2015 Dennis wrote:

Keith Specialty should be your "one stop" shopping site for any of your HVAC needs.  Their service department is second to none in my opinion.  I have a thirty-year old Miller oil fired furnace that has challenged me in finding replacement parts.  Keith's service has come through on two occasions in finding the correct parts.  Fast and dependable should be highlighted their ads.  I give this business and website a Five Star rating and I know you will too!

July 14, 2014 Woody wrote:

The website gave all the information on the part I needed which made it possible to get the right part.  I did have a minor problem with UPS not recognizing my address, but this was quickly resolved by a phone call to Keith.  The part was delivered in 2 days and was exactly what I wanted. I give them 5 stars.


Brian  <>Wed, Oct 2, 2013 at 6:11 AM


I was very happy with my purchase from your company.  Staff was knowledgeable price was more than competitive and delivery was exactly when you said it would be here.  You will be the first contact I will use in the future.

Sometimes it's not about selling, it's about helping:

Joe from Burlington, VT, wrote:

I just wanted to extend thanks for the assistance I received over the phone this past weekend.  The blower on my American Standard furnace stopped working.  I called several local service technicians who refused to help since there is no local dealer for American Standard and therefore, no access to parts.  The best I could get from anyone was for me to find and buy a new motor and have them install it.  I called your shop hoping to gather some information.  The furnace guy working Saturday (sorry, I don't remember the name) was very patient and provided me with great service.  He suggested my problem may be the capacitor rather than the motor.  I was able to find a capacitor locally for $2.57.  It was easy to install myself and it solved my problem.  Your help saved me several hundred dollars.  Thank you!

We help save money:

Michael from Colorado wrote:

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the help you provided through you website and your customer service personnel.  This last week without a running oil burner was an experience I'm not ready to relive any time soon.  I was told by several repairmen that our oil burner couldn't be repaired and was given a quote of $2200.00 for just the needed replacement parts.  One contractor came out to give us an estimate for a replacement propane boiler and told us he had never seen an oil burner in 25 years of service out here in Colorado.  I suspect he was the most honest of all the contractor's who came out.  After getting online and finding your website I ordered the needed parts for $150.00 and put them in myself( the blue plastic set up gauge is fantastic) and now we have some time to evaluate and make a better decision on a further course of action with our 37-year-old burner, Thank You. Michael.... Colorado

We do not plan on going away:

Randy wrote:

You guys are amazing!
5 years ago we ordered a White-Rodgers 768A-5 hot surface igniter from you.  This past Thursday I needed another one.  It's cold here in NH and we need the furnace running.  I went online, you guys are still there, I ordered the part and it arrived the next day and the furnace was back up and running.

We try to ship the same day

Kris wrote:

I recently ordered 2 fuel oil nozzles & just wanted to let you how
pleased I was with the order!  I don't think I was ever shipped anything
that fast! Thanks for your service. Kris

We do make mistakes, too.

Carl, a glass blower in CA, called and needed a heating part, we identified what we though he needed, but we identified the wrong part.  When he got it and found it was the wrong one, he had to get a local contractor to fix his heat.  He sent the part back to us for a refund.

After receiving the part back, we wrote:

Hello, Carl,

We received the ignition control the other day and processed the refund.  We are refunding the order in full since we felt it was our error that we identified the wrong part. We are pleased you got it fixed and hope we can help you again in the future.  The refund was put on your credit card ending in ...

Carl replied:

Thank you, it was a pleasure doing business with your company. Your customer service is the best.  If I ever need anything in the future I will go to you.

... Carl