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Notice: Due to damage caused by Hurricane Harvey to the petrochemical facilities in Texas, plastic pipe prices are extremely volatile and availability may become an issue. Prices shown on our site are for our current stock and subject to change. We reserve the right to limit quantities or cancel orders. This effects all types of plastic pipe and tubing.


Gastite® Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing (CSST) with Flashshield can be used to supply natural gas or LP gas to appliances. It is a reliable, cost-effective system that can be installed in new construction or remodeling jobs.  The tubing consists of Type 304 stainless steel with a UV resistant polyethylene jacket.  It is flexible and durable enough to route through building structures. The tubing also has foot increment markings on the jacket for ease of installation.

Shipping and Ordering Notes:

Gastite is for professional installation only.

We must have your installer's certificate FAXED or E-MAILED to us before we can ship this order.

This item shipping is estimated only.  If the actual UPS shipping cost is less than the estimate, we will process the order and adjust your shipping cost down.  If the actual UPS shipping cost is more, we will call for your approval before we process the order.

  • gastite-male-adapter
    1/2" Gastite male adapter$16.65
    sku: 19-611
    1/2 Gastite Flash Shield FSFTG-8-24 mechanical joint (Gastite to male adapter)
  • gastite-flash-shield-termination
    1/2" Gastite FSTRM-8-12 Flash Shield termination$18.75
    sku: 19-621
  • gastite-coupling
    1/2" Gastite coupling$20.39
    sku: 19-631
    1/2 Gastite coupling

Tips and Notes:

Termination fittings create a fixed-point stub-out on a wall or floor using a cast iron flange.

Gastite is for professional installation only.
To purchase, you must present your installer's certificate number from the manufacturer.


Gastite Flexible Gas Piping System - maximum AGA approved operating pressure = 5psi.

special orders

We can special orderGastite products for you including tools, specialized fittings and other diameters.