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Latest Customer Review: Dec 4, 2019: item LN-429) Rebuilt my combustion chamber in my furnace using this . I think that this was better than the original . Really easy and a real time saver . This was the key to my whole project . Great shipping and packing . Thanks ! - Lewis


12 THHN wire

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500' roll 12THHN white strand. wire sku: 75-315, ($63.50) 12THHN white stranded wire, cut to length sku: 75-315C, ($0.18) 500' roll 12THHN black strand. wire sku: 75-316, ($63.50) 12THHN black stranded wire, cut to length sku: 75-316C, ($0.18) 500' roll 12THHN green strand. wire sku: 75-317, ($63.50) 12THHN green stranded wire, cut to length sku: 75-317C, ($0.18) 500' roll 12THHN red stranded wire sku: 75-318, ($63.50) 12THHN red stranded wire, cut to length sku: 75-318C, ($0.18)
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