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Honeywell ST9120U 1011 electronic fan timer -

Honeywell ST9120U 1011 electronic fan timer -
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1 reviews
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Honeywell ST9120U 1011 universal electronic fan timer; replaces all existing ST9101, ST9120, ST9141 and ST9160 fan timers and ST9150A 1003, ST9150B 2000, ST9150B 2018, ST9150B 2026 and ST9150B 2034, Ducane 20430801 and 28M99, Armstrong 45392-001 and 45692-001

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Below you will find the part numbers this part can replace and a link to the manufacturer's website for this product.


Honeywell ST9120U 1011 electronic fan timer -
Average rating:
1 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

Honeywell ST9120U 1011 electronic fan timer -
No Problems
Overall there were no problems with the installation of this universal circuit board. This board was used as a replacement for the ST9160 which failed due to a burned circulation blower relay. It is slightly different than the original board and therefore mounting holes and wire positions are in different locations. The board functions well though the cool on delay is actually 0 seconds when the dip switch is set for 4 seconds.
Honeywell ST9120U 1011 electronic fan timer -
Honeywell ST9120U 1011 electronic fan timer
Nicely made circuit board. Easy hook up. Good instructions. But, 2 errors in DIP switch table for setting times.

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This Honeywell ST9120U 1011 electronic fan timer - can be substituted for these OEM part numbers:
manufacturerpart number(s)
ST9120U 1011

ST9101 {all}
ST9101A 1006 ST9101A1006
ST9101A 1014 ST9101A1014
ST9101A 1022 ST9101A1022
ST9120 {all}
ST9120A 1006 ST9120A1006
ST9120A 2004 ST9120A2004
ST9120B 1005 ST9120B1005
ST9120C 1012 ST9120C1012
ST9120C 1020 ST9120C1020
ST9120C 2002 ST9120C2002
ST9120C 2010 ST9120C2010
ST9120C 2028 ST9120C2028
ST9120C 3000 ST9120C3000
ST9120C 3018 ST9120C3018
ST9120C 4008 ST9120C4008
ST9120C 4016 ST9120C4016
ST9120C 4040 ST9120C4040
ST9120C 4057 ST9120C4057
ST9120C 5005 ST9120C5005
ST9120C 5013 ST9120C5013
ST9120D 3009 ST9120D3009
ST9120G 2008 ST9120G2008
ST9120G 2016 ST9120G2016
ST9120G 2024 ST9120G2024
ST9120G 2032 ST9120G2032
ST9120G 4004 ST9120G4004
ST9120G 4012 ST9120G4012
ST9120G 4038 ST9120G4038
ST9120U 1003 ST9120U1003
ST9141 {all}
ST9141A 1002 ST9141A1002
ST9141A 1028 ST9141A1028
ST9141B 1001 ST9141B1001
ST9150A 1003 ST9150A1003
ST9150B 2000 ST9150B2000
ST9150B 2018 ST9150B2018
ST9150B 2026 ST9150B2026
ST9150B 2034 ST9150B2034
ST9150C 4057 ST9150C4057
ST9160 {all}
ST9160A 1002 ST9160A1002
ST9160B 1001 ST9160B1001
ST9160B 1019 ST9160B1019
ST9160B 1027 ST9160B1027
ST9160B 1035 ST9160B1035
ST9160B 1043 ST9160B1043
ST9160B 1050 ST9160B1050
ST9160B 1068 ST9160B1068
ST9160B 1076 ST9160B1076
ST9160B 1084 ST9160B1084
ST9160C 1000 ST9160C1000
ST9160C 1018 ST9160C1018

45692-001 45692001

{electronic fan timer}