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Latest Customer Review: Dec 4, 2019: item LN-429) Rebuilt my combustion chamber in my furnace using this . I think that this was better than the original . Really easy and a real time saver . This was the key to my whole project . Great shipping and packing . Thanks ! - Lewis



Snap In Knockout Plugs

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These are metal plugs that snap into knockout holes in electrical panels. For safety reasons, many state building codes do not allow unused knockout holes in electrical panels. This plug solves the problem of having an unused open knockout hole.
1/2" knockout snap-in seal sku: 83-100, ($0.48) 3/4" knockout snap-in seal sku: 83-101, ($0.56) 1" knockout snap-in seal sku: 83-102, ($0.64) 1 1/4" knockout snap-in seal sku: 83-103, ($0.86) 1 1/2" knockout snap-in seal sku: 83-104, ($1.22) 2" knockout snap-in seal sku: 83-105, ($2.32)
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