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Hydronics (Hot Water Heat)

Products on Sale for this Month


  • Argo 3' baseboard heater-3/4 copper$29.70$25.00
    sku: 62-003
  • Argo 5' baseboard heater-3/4 copper$49.50$41.00
    sku: 62-005
  • 62-751.jpg
    Honeywell GS200 well & thermometer$21.56$17.00
    sku: 62-751
  • 62-805.jpg
    RB-5 clip gun $53.16$45.00
    sku: 62-805
    Peter Mangone RB-5 clip gun for stapling 1/2" PEX tubing under floors
  • 62-810.jpg
    1/2 plastic clip for RB-5 staplegun$7.62$6.50
    sku: 62-810
    1/2 plastic clips for Mangone RB-5 clip gun, box of 100, P4BK stand-off style
  • PE-RT tubing w/O2 barrier 1/2X 1000$360.00$305.00
    sku: 62-910
    1/2" x 1000' Heatflex PE-RT radiant floor heat pipe, rated 100psi at 180F, five layer design protects the oxygen barrier between the polyethylene layers; PE-RT is short for PolyEthylene-Raised Temperature