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Water Tight Connectors:

These connectors can be used to connect the wire on your submersible pump to the pump wire in the well, to connect wires underground or any other place where you need a water tight connection.

The wires are connected with a sta-kon crimp connector for 10 or 12 gauge wire.  It is then crimped with a crimping tool. Larger underground wire can be spliced and covered with the larger heat shrink tubes.

  • 36-520.jpg
    SK-3 wire splicer, package of 3$4.55
    sku: 36-520
    watertight wire connectors, American Granby SK-3 compression type, pack of 3
  • 36-521.jpg
    HS-3 heat shrink wire splicer kit$2.09
    sku: 36-521
    for three wires
  • 36-522.jpg
    Sta-kon wire crimp connector$0.29
    sku: 36-522
    for 14 to 10 gauge wire
  • 36-523.jpg
    3" heat shrink tube only$0.74
    sku: 36-523
    for 14 to 10 gauge wire
  • Qty:
  • Qty:
  • Qty:
  • 12-2 twisted pump wire with ground$0.52
    sku: 36-524
  • 12-3 twisted pump wire with ground$0.68
    sku: 36-525
  • 10-2 twisted pump wire with ground$0.80
    sku: 36-526
  • 10-3 twisted pump wire with ground$1.13
    sku: 36-527