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Ventless (unvented) Gas Heaters from Hearthrite71-9xx.jpg

Reliable heating - Intelligent design - Exceptional value

  • 99.9% efficient - ventless heaters do not send any heat up the chimney.
  • Uses no electricity or batteries - works during electric power failures.
  • Easy source of supplemental heat - simpler to install than forced air ducts; easier to maintain than a radiator.
  • Pushbutton piezo spark ignition and standing pilot.
  • Oxygen depletion sensor (O.D.S.) pilot shuts off before oxygen drops below a safe level
  • Factory verified quality control by actual test firing.
  • Three-year limited warranty on parts and labor.
  • Manual or built-in thermostat control - multiple heat settings.
  • Natural gas or liquid petroleum gas [propane] - specify at time of order - cannot be converted.
  • Wall mount included - optional floor stand available.
  • Infrared (radiant plaques that glow bright orange) or blue-flame models available in a range of heating capacities.
Heating capacity is given in maximum nominal BTU per hour of fuel input.

71-916.jpg HearthRite blue flame n.gas heater HearthRite HB20TN blue flame 20,000 BTU unvented heater, natural gas, thermostat, standing pilot, piezo ignitor SKU: 71-916


71-916.jpg HearthRite blue flame LP gas heater HearthRite HB20TL blue flame 20,000 BTU unvented heater, propane gas, thermostat, standing pilot, piezo ignitor SKU: 71-917


Three brick ventless heater HearthRite 3-brick Nat. gas heater HearthRite HR18MN 3-brick 18,000 BTU unvented radiant heater, natural gas, manual temperature control, standing pilot, piezo ignitor SKU: 71-919


HearthRite HR30MN 5-brick nat. gas unvented heater HearthRite HR30MN 5-brick 30,000 BTU unvented radiant heater, natural gas, manual temperature control, standing pilot, piezo ignitor SKU: 71-91A


Quantity: Note: Out of stock - back ordered from factory - unknown availability. UPS oversize charges apply. Shipping is based on size of the package, not weight.
Three brick ventless heater HearthRite 3-brick LP gas heater HearthRite HR15ML 3-brick 15,000 BTU unvented radiant heater, propane gas, manual temperature control, standing pilot, piezo ignitor SKU: 71-921


71-950.jpg Empire thermocoup-brick heaters 18" Empire R2373 thermocouple, for SR6, SR10, SR18, and SR30 unvented heaters; 17 3/4" long SKU: 71-950


71-953.jpg Empire thermocouple, blue flame 39" Empire R1970 thermocouple, for: VF10, VF20, and VF30 visual flame unvented heaters; 39" long SKU: 71-953


71-960.jpg Piezo ignitor, blue flame Piezo ignitor, blue flame
Average rating:
Empire R1981 Piezo ignitor for BF model unvented heaters SKU: 71-960


71-971.jpg floor stand for unvented heater

HearthRite HAS03 floor stand for all unvented heaters from 15,000 to 30,000 BTU manufactured 2011 and newer

SKU: 71-971


71-981.jpg blower for unvented heaters HearthRite HAB01 automatic blower package for 15,000 to 30,000 BTU unvented heaters SKU: 71-981


71-986.jpg Empire R8117 blower fan switch for SRB18T, SRB30T, GWB-2, GWT25, GWT35 and GWT50 blower packages; replaces R2503 SKU: 71-986



Radiant heaters project warmth into the room like sunlight through a window.
They heat objects in their line of sight - not just the air - for a cozy warm feeling.
Hearthrite infrared models can be ordered in these sizes (subject to availability; contact us for price quotation):
maximum heating
controls overall dimensions weight
height width depth
natural gas
  HR06MN 6,000 manual, on/off 19.25" 14.63" 5.63" 15
HR10MN 10,000 manual, 2-settings 19.25" 14.63" 5.63" 16
HR10TN 10,000 thermostat 23.50" 27.00" 7.00" 16
HR18MN 18,000 manual, 3-settings 23.50" 19.50" 7.00" 25
HR18TN 18,000 thermostat 23.50" 19.50" 7.00" 25
HR30MN 30,000 manual, 3-settings 23.50" 27.00" 7.00" 33
HR30TN 30,000 thermostat 23.50" 27.00" 7.00" 33
  HR06ML 6,000 manual, on/off 19.25" 14.63" 5.63" 15
HR10TL 10,000 thermostat 19.25" 14.63" 5.63" 16
HR10ML 10,000 manual, 2-settings 19.25" 14.63" 5.63" 16
HR15ML 15,000 manual, 3-settings 23.50" 19.50" 7.00" 25
HR15TL 15,000 thermostat 23.50" 19.50" 7.00" 25
HR25ML 25,000 manual, 3-settings 23.50" 27.00" 7.00" 33
HR25TL 25,000 thermostat 23.50" 27.00" 7.00" 33
HearthRite is committed to continuous product improvement.  Specifications are subject to change without notice.
If you find a model you want on the Empire Equipment website, we will order it for you.  (We stock only the most popular HearthRite models.)
Because of high temperatures, any heating appliance should be located out of traffic and away from furniture and draperies.
Children and adults should be alerted to the hazard of high surface temperature and should be kept away to avoid burns or clothing ignition.

These heaters cannot be used to burn oil, wood, coal, or paper.
Heaters use oxygen from the room air.  Do not operate heater in a confined space.
When used without adequate combustion and ventilation air, heater may give off carbon monoxide (CO), an odorless, poisonous gas.
These heaters have a pilot light safety system that turns the heater off if not enough fresh air is available.
Do not tamper with this safety system. If the heater shuts off, do not re-light until you provide fresh air.
If the heater keeps shutting off, have it serviced. Keep the burner and control compartment clean.

Carbon monoxide poisoning may lead to death. Early signs of carbon monoxide poisoning resemble the flu, with headache, dizziness, and/or nausea.
If you have these signs, the heater may not be working properly. Get fresh air at once and have the heater serviced.
Some people (pregnant women, persons with heart or lung disease, anemia, those under the influence of alcohol, those at high altitudes) are more affected by carbon monoxide than others.

Combustion of LPG [liquid petroleum gas] (also called propane [C3H8 or CH3-CH2-CH3]) produces approximately 2.5 times more heat per unit volume than natural gas (methane [CH4]).
Therefore, these gases are not interchangable.
Never use a type of fuel in a heater for which it was not manufactured, nor at a delivery pressure or altitude for which it is not properly regulated.

Installation and repair must be done by a qualified person and must conform to local codes.
Comply with manufacturer's directions and building codes for installation, operation, and maintenance.
In the absence of local codes, the installation must conform with American National Standard (National Fuel Gas Code) known as NFPA 54 and ANSI Z223.1 (latest edition) available from the American National Standards Institute, Inc., 11 West 42nd St., New York, NY 10036, or from the National Fire Protection Association, Batterymarch Park, Quincy, MA 02269, USA.

These heaters are design certified in accordance with American National Standards Institute Z21.11.2a by the Canadian Standards Association as Unvented Room Heaters.
Please allow one to two additional weeks for delivery of certain models of heaters, cast iron stoves, fireplaces, parts, and special orders from Empire Equipment.


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